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What We Do

Emerald HR Solutions provides project, on call or individualized HR services to meet the needs of your organization. Listed below are some of the services we provide. 

Investigative Services

Emerald HR Solutions specializes in Bullying and Harassment Investigations. Services can also include other investigations around racism, violence, injury and other topics requiring a neutral in investigation.

1) Full investigation (in person or virtual options).

2) Complete employer report summary with high level report for WorkSafeBC.

3) Support for conclusion meetings and disciplinary documents if required.

Modern Architecture

Flat Rate Services

Contact us for flat rate consulting services


24/7 HR Advice Support

$1000 per year or $200 one time fee:

Our HR consultants can answer questions on employee standards of conduct issues, bullying & harassment, questions related to termination or general HR questions. Our team can be on call for an annual rate or a one time fee.


Assessment/Gaps Analysis of HR & Safety Needs

$500 flat rate:

An organizational HR and Safety needs assessment identifies and analyzes your current and future HR and Safety requirements and rates them in order of risk. This document will guide the gaps of Workers Compensation (including WorkSafeBC if in BC), legal and employment standards obligations and will help your organization to meet compliancy requirements.


HR or Safety Orientation Manuals

$2500 per manual:

Our team will develop comprehensive HR or Safety (or both) manuals that will serve as guides for new employees, contractors, or volunteers to provide essential information about the organizations policies, procedures, culture, expectations, safety regulations and other relevant information to meet legal, safety and hr requirements.


Consulting Business Coaching & Mentorship

$1000 flat rate:

Do you have a skill or a desire to start your own consulting business but do not know where to start. Our expert coaches are dedicated to helping individuals or organizations with developing their business with a 4 part series that includes guidance, support, and documents to get started. 

Small Business and Individualized Business Support

Emerald HR Solutions will help you with determining your HR and Safety needs and can help set HR programs based on your individualized needs. Some of the services we can offer include:

1) HR and Safety Needs Assessment with priority list

2) New hire orientation program with HR and Safety Handbook tailored to your organization

3) As needed HR support including Recruitment support, policies, job descriptions, wage reviews, performance management, and HR Advice as required.

Specific HR/LR Projects

Emerald HR Solutions can support your business with specialized HR needs. Ask us today if we can help. Some examples are:​

  • Wellness committee and staff mental health programs

  • Leadership Mentorship

  • Collective Agreement Negotiations

  • Mediation Support

  • Staff manpower or capacity planning

  • Workforce Sustainability

  • Employee intranet implementation

  • Conflict resolution support/training

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